With our mantra being ‘Education is prevention’, one of our primary services is delivering talks and workshops to performing arts training establishments that focus on nurturing mental well-being whilst pursuing a career in the arts.

Some of the establishments we have worked with so far include:

We had our sold out launch event at The Other Palace on 3rd February 2019, a free mental health awareness event called Mental Health Matters. In association with The Other Masterclass, we went on to facilitate a further four events throughout the year on a range of subjects relating to mental health and the arts. These included: ‘Managing Freelance Income in the arts’, ‘Coping with Loss and Grief’, ‘Building Self Esteem and Beating Performance Anxiety’, and ‘Putting The Men in Mental Health’.

To book a mental health talk or workshop facilitated by us, please send an email to info@applauseforthought.co.uk.