With our mantra being ‘Education is prevention’, one of our primary services is delivering talks and workshops to performing arts training establishments that focus on nurturing mental well-being whilst pursuing a career in the arts.

Some of the establishments we have worked with so far include:

In collaboration with Laura White Coaching, Applause for thought facilitates a free monthly wellbeing session for the black and mixed black heritage arts community, focussing on collective empowerment, sharing, offload, and celebration.

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In June 2020, Applause for thought joined Magnetic Studios, an online performance training studio, as their official mental health support platform. Since then, we have been delivering bi-weekly ‘Mental Health Maintenance’ sessions for their community. These sessions are designed to be a safe space to offload, share, learn about, and discuss different subjects surrounding mental health and the arts. These are led by either a member of the Applause for thought team or specialist mental well-being experts.

In April 2020, in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic and the UK entering lockdown, we began weekly Saturday morning check-ins, hosted on Instagram Live. Over three months, we chatted with eleven different well-being professionals who all have experience working with people in the arts, discussing different coping strategies and taking live questions from those tuning in. Our mission was to offer free and accessible weekly support and foster a sense of community for people in the arts. The programme of check-ins continue into 2021 with one-off specials.

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We had our sold out launch event at The Other Palace on 3rd February 2019, a free mental health awareness event called Mental Health Matters. In association with The Other Masterclass, we went on to facilitate a further four events throughout the year on a range of subjects relating to mental health and the arts. These included: ‘Managing Freelance Income in the arts’, ‘Coping with Loss and Grief’, ‘Building Self Esteem and Beating Performance Anxiety’, and ‘Putting The Men in Mental Health’.

To book a mental health talk or workshop facilitated by us, please send an email to info@applauseforthought.co.uk.