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We facilitate four different accredited MHFA England Mental Health Courses at an exclusive 40% discount.

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We deliver events, talks and workshops about mental health awareness to companies & training institutions in the performing arts industry.

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We work with producers and production companies to create bespoke Mental Health and Well-being Schemes for their organisations and shows.



Hello. I wanted to take a moment to engage with you reading this human to human. Landing on a page of information or support can sometimes feel like the light at the end of a tunnel. But it can also feel overwhelming and daunting. All those thoughts and feelings are valid. So, if you’ve landed here and are reading this right now, I see and appreciate you.

Applause for thought is a community that has grown and evolved from a thought baby I had in September 2018 that was birthed from my lived experience as a creative who also has a dual mental health disorder diagnosis. At AFT we appreciate individuals are indeed that…individual. This is why we aim to create safe, empowering and empathetic spaces for all within the arts, whether that be through; our links to 121 support, at one of our talks or workshops, during our accredited mental health training courses, or when we work with organisations.

We strongly believe that real change within the arts community can only come if we work together proactively. Our Mental Health is forever changing and being tested, or conversely nurtured at different points in our life, just like our physical health. Therefore, our aim is to facilitate as many accessible opportunities as possible for people to be able to develop their own unique tools and coping mechanisms as they navigate our industry, as well as working on preventative and proactive blueprints with organisations that we hope will change both organisational and wider industry culture. 


Applause for thought was launched on February 3rd 2019 and is now a triple award-winning Community Interest Company that facilitates lower-cost mental health;



Talks and Workshops

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…to all those working in the arts and entertainment industry.

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 The AFT mantra is ‘Education Equals Prevention’ as we believe that if we can empower individuals and organisations with the awareness, knowledge and tools surrounding mental health and make this information and support more accessible and affordable, we can not only help break the mental health stigma, but we can also help prevent more serious mental health concerns from developing and contribute to cultural change that will make the arts a healthier and more inclusive industry to be a part of.

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